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iStory - Interactive Storytelling in AR Live

iStory - Kids Storytelling in Augmented Reality with immersive experience

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Well said, “Storytelling is our requirement to the next age group.”
Augmented Reality helps students to strengthen their thoughts visually and put in plain words abstract concepts more concretely. It improves digital literacy and empowers different learning types. The iStory eBook platform provides the most interesting AR storytelling for kids. iStory Platform delivers excellent learning experiences that inspire kids to learn. They have a dedicated team of AR developers, 3D artists, designers, and researchers to deliver immersive experiences that inspire kids to watch and learn.
In our digital world, it’s almost unworkable to keep students away from technology. On the other hand, we can maximize their screen time by taking advantage of advanced technology. By taking storytelling to the next level and boosting the learning value of books using AR apps are the ways we can influence scientific devices.
During the last few years, an abundance of AR applications has been developed across several regions. However, AR remains in various fields, just a buzzword, with very few evaluations carried out to learn its impact on users in terms of searching, direction-finding, knowledge, and pleasure. These days, many top brands are used to Augmented Reality to petition tech-savvy kids with in-store marketing, mobile games, entertainment, and interactive learning experiences.
Are you looking for the best yet inexpensive storytelling eBooks, 3D AR (Augmented Reality) eBooks with interactivity actions? If so, the iStory eBook can be your one-stop for the same. Stories are unique to express reality and adore from teachers and parents to kids. They are VisionLab Innovators. They have a combined 7+ years of XR technologies, and web development experience in education.
The kids’ bedtime story is one of those parenting customs that continue through the times of history. Many of us have matured on stories narrated to us by our grandparents, parents, teachers, and other elders. We have fond memories of sharing a bedtime book with our own parents and now do the same with our kids. However, in today’s more and more rushed world, the kids’ bedtime story frequently becomes victim to our hectic lists.

How to Use it

How to use iStory App to view AR Story:

1. Open the app
2. Identify the AR story book - AR logo will be appears in book cover page
3. Select any AR story book
4. Tap "View files" button
5. Read the instruction and tap "Open" button
5. Then automatically mobile camera will be opened
6. Select a clear ground floor like home floor or a clear garden
7. Target your camera in to the floor
8. Place the alignment marker and tap "Done" button
10. Now you can see your augmented reality base story in the real world

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