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HoloLens Room Scanner (beta): Capture a full-color 3D model of a room using Microsoft HoloLens.

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Capture full-color 3D models of rooms, using Microsoft HoloLens as a stand-alone, all-in-one device for capturing, processing, and visualizing 3D models of rooms. Upload and share room scans with others, join the hallway or a shared room, and have a conversation in true mixed-reality presence.

How to Use it

1. Before launching the app, remove the existing space from Settings > Systems and get a clean scan of a single room. 2. Shut down other apps to allow as much memory allocation as possible for the room scanning. 3. Launch the app while standing up, face forward as it loads. 4. Start taking first photo from a forward facing position while standing. Hold steady. 5. Stand as far back as possible to get a larger coverage area of the wall you are facing. 6. Login before attempting to upload / download a room. 7. In the Hallway, tap Show Voice Settings to see a list of voice commands.

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