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Sphere for Microsoft HoloLens 1 & 2 is the Mixed Reality enterprise software developed by holo|one.

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Remote assistance
Our remote assistance functionality allows HoloLens users to establish contact with colleagues working on tablets, smartphones, or desktop PCs by means of the competence structure. Thereby, issues on physical installations can be assessed audio-visually as well as holographically. All users can not only interact with the MR user’s environment but can also share and manipulate all kinds of supporting materials for the most efficient problem-solving process.

Augmented collaboration
Our augmented collaboration functionality allows HoloLens users to collaborate with colleagues working on MR devices within a shared location and remotely, while remote users are visualized as avatars. Thereby, the immersive experience is shared among a session’s attendees while all interactions with the holographic content - documents, pictures, audio files, videos or 3D models (in tabletop- or overlay-mode) are synchronized in real-time.

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