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Generate a 3D model that looks like you within a minute.

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Hey, CatchAR community ?  This is Pradeep Baskaran, CEO & Co-Founder of Highavenue.  

Thrilled & delightful to introduce Highavenue to you all. Highavenue a social media platform where users create and share 3D animated scenes (AR-based) of length 10 seconds. Using the app, anyone can generate a 3D model that looks like them within a minute or so by just uploading three photos as input ( a selfie, a T-pose, and a sideways T pose). Also, apply various animation effects & record fun videos. Kindly check out the product demo above.

Unlike other AR user platforms, our vision is to democratize the creation of 3D animated scenes. Anyone should be able to create a short 3D animation of length 15 to 30 seconds and even be a part of it. Typically, the production of 3D animations has always been "alienistic" to the common creators & consumers. Also, it needs
- big and difficult tools to build,
- weeks to learn, and
- hours to create.
- also, it involves various stages like modeling, rigging, texturing, & then animating it.

With this version of the Highavenue app, we tried to solve the modelling, rigging & texturing part of the problem by automating the creation of 3D characters.

In the upcoming version, we plan to add Body Tracking Depth Detection so anybody can jump into a 3D view, pick a character that they want to perform, start playing and recording. It's as simple as that.

Tiktok reduced the video creation barrier from YouTube. Snapchat decreased the barrier for conversations. Clubhouse made the same for audio messages. Highavenue will reduce the border to create 3D animated scenes with only your smartphone.

This opens a new realm of opportunities for creators and the way we tell our stories.

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