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The fantastic Harry Potter universe has suffered a disastrous calamity. People, things and even memories have been stolen and displaced and tossed about all over the world. And you are the one, who can become a rescuer and help all the creatures from the fantastic worlds of Fantastic beasts and Harry Potter.

You can get in touch with iconic characters such as Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore, etc. What’s more, the sworn foes of the light magic wait to duel. Dive into breathtaking adventures by revealing the AR world of magic around you! Experience casting spells and brewing potions to develop and improve your magical potential. The aim is to neutralize the dark-side creatures and spells.  

Add the saved characters and creatures to the register in order to get all the necessary resources and points. Join your friends and create a strong team of wizards and witches to discover Augmented Reality opportunities together. With a powerful wand and the loyal companions by your side, it’s high time you broke the dark-side spells! 

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