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*360Β° interactive 3D! *No annoying Ads!

*Guitar 3D AR is the only augmented reality supported guitar and a guitarist simulator app designed for powerful iOS devices.

*Learn chords, compose your own music or make chord progressions of your favorite songs by watching a guitarist on your table or in your living room. By observing lifelike realism of correct hand and finger movements, learn hundreds of chords easily with huge fun. Live an outstanding interactive audiovisual training experience which you can never get it with photos, videos, tabs or charts. All the animations made with academic musicians!

- Awesome 3D graphics powered by Metal.
- ARKit support
- Jaw dropping lifelike hand and finger movements.
- No photos, no videos, no chord charts. Just real-time interactive 3D!
- Left hand support.
- Huge chord library in all keys with their lifelike animations.
- Includes major, minor triad and dominant7 chords in all keys.
- Major7, minor7, sus4, sus2 and dominant7sus4 chords in all keys.
- Majoradd9, minoradd9, diminished and half-diminished (min7b5) chords in all keys
- Timeline for chord progressions.
- Speed slider for chord changes.
- Multi-sampled sounds from a real guitar.
- Use multi-touch gestures to zoom in, zoom out and orbit the camera around the hands in camera mode.
- Different camera modes.
- iOS exclusive.

*Guitar 3D AR is a free app but some in-app features such as chord packs will require payment.

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