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Solidhaus uses ARKit and is compatible with iPhone 6s and newer. See below for iPad compatibility.

Solidhaus lets you present your 3D designs in True Scale.

This app is perfect for architecture, engineering, construction and much more! Solidhaus gives you an accurate representation of your 3D designs' size, shape, and form in your space. Present your 3D designs in a brand new wayβ€”use Solidhaus to show off your ideas, and help people imagine the possibilities.

If you signup for a paid account for Solidhaus, you get access to these extra features!

Custom Projects:
Create and manage your own private projects of your 3D designs
Solidhaus currently has support for FBX files that you can present using the iOS App

Real-Time Lighting:
Simulate the current sunlight conditions by using "Daylight" mode.
To calibrate North, point your phone where North should be, and tap the "North" button.

Dynamic Layers:
Layers let you hide and show certain components in your design, in real-time.
When you upload your 3D files, upload each component as a single layer.

iPad Compatability:
Present your designs on a larger screen in higher quality with an iPad Pro
Record higher quality photos & videos with an iPad Pro for powerful presentations

How to Use it

How to use Solidhaus:
Make sure your surroundings are well lit and hold your smartphone at waist level
β€” To start, tap "Open Project" and pick one of the sample projects the app comes with
β€” Find an empty, flat surface in your area, and point your smartphone camera at it
After confirming the placement, you can move, scale, or rotate the projectTo see it in life size, take a step back and tap the 'True Scale' button!
Share your experience by tapping the circular camera button, or tap and hold to record video

Tips & Tricks:
Stand up & walk around! It's much easier, and more immersive :)
Try to be at least 2-3 feet away from the flat surface when you're trying to place it
Sign up for a FREE account to upload your own 3D designs

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