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In the app, we decided to create a catalog of electrical equipment using AR technology. In addition to the classic catalog with images, descriptions, and technical characteristics, you can view the actual size of the equipment in augmented reality in the app.

The app has intuitive controls: scroll through the catalog, select the desired model and click the «watch in augmented reality» button and install the equipment in the right place. This is convenient when you need to «try on» equipment in a specific room.

Often electrical equipment stands in tight rows and fills the entire room — we thought about this. Additional models are added in two clicks, while conveniently «magnetized» to each other. Now the buyer will be able to get a complete picture of the product range and look at it «live».

For professional buyers — engineers, designers, details are important, and the app takes this into account. For each model, implemented the safe filling of electrical installations, all implemented using sharp-looking animations.

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