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The PH Portal is a portal displaying TaMar Currian’s (P)ositive (H)istory Collection inside of an AR portal. You can now walk into a virtual room and purchase two of our most sought after tees from this collection.

With the PH Portal, you can enjoy an immersive augmented reality experience showcasing TaMar Currian’s (P)ositive (H)istory Collection. The PH Portal allows you to enter a portal no matter where you are, and view the history of two historic icons, Barack Obama and Sojourner Truth.

This app includes 3D objects that give a brief summary of the aforementioned heroes’ contributions to history, a video about Barack Obama’s 2004 keynote speech, and 3D models of the respective tees included in the PH Collection. While enjoying the scenic room, you can walk over to the t-shirts and purchase your own right away!

How to Use it

This app is best used outdoors in a well-lit area to allow space to walk around the portal.

Point your device at the floor and slowly move it in a circular motion until yellow dots appear, allowing the portal to become a pop-up shop anywhere you are standing.

Follow the arrows directing you into the portal and you will be able to look at each object placed inside of the room.
Stop by at either of the t-shirts on display and tap on the red buttons to visit the website and purchase your own tee today!
This app is compatible with the iPhone 6s and any newer models and requires iOS 11 or later.

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