Christmas Elf

Christmas Elf Live

Have you ever met such New Year greetings before? You will have a game, music and a dancing gnome on the table. There is a button - press the key, and the Gnome will start dancing.

Screenshots & Video


Virtual postcards, have you ever met? Well, this is a new kind of

congratulations. And if you have a smartphone, you will see a "surprise".


There are a lot of pleasant surprises from virtual postcards. First. One

purchase and you send congratulations to all your friends everywhere. And

not even friends..Ha-ha. Throw it to your friends on social networks or

print it out. As it suits you.


You do not need to download the application. Follow the link. It's easy!



Scan the QR code. Look. Everyone loves to play! And even adults! It looks like a trick.

How to Use it

*Pay in and download the card. 
*Print it out.
*Scan the QR code (any browser will do this).
*Everything! There's a dwarf hiding there. He knows how to dance!

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