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My limited number of rare #AugmentedReality #NFT arts are waiting for their collectors.

My Drift Car Collection, which I developed with Augmented Reality, also took its place in #Rarible. I have just published 3 pieces of my collection. I continue to develop for other parts. I started preparations for my new collections.

I think Augmented Reality collections will be much more valuable in the future and will attract more attention from #NFT collectors.

What distinguishes my collections from other #NFT works is that it offers #AugmentedReality experience on different platforms. For this reason, it is one of the rare collections in the #NFT world.

Features of each of the parts in my AR Drift Car Collection:
- WebAR experience
- Android and iOS AR apps (Soon)
- Instagram AR filters (Soon)
- Snapchat AR filters (Soon)
- TikTok AR filters (Soon)

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