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XRTY App - Create Your AR Campaign Live

XRTY is the augmented reality platform for transforming the way customers experience products through XRTY AR Magic . We are facilitate to blend physical and digital worlds at each stage of the product lifecycle to sell more.

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While selling accessories in online shopping website / mobile app, have you ever faced any challenge to imagine whether the accessory will suit your customer home interior or not? If yes, then XRTY AR has good news for you. Many apps today are utilizing AR to help you visualize how an item would look and feel in your existing environment. But user need to install that app from store and register their account using email address or phone number to visualise AR experience. XRTY is single page AR app solution to experience with quick AR View. just choose your specific AR widget and upload your product content (3D model / Image / Video ) and submit. that's all.. your single page AR app is ready to publish.

In Face AR sample you can see yourself wearing accessories inside the WebAR app, and that will give you an idea of which accessory will suit you the best. WebAR tap to place app lets you see which product will suit your physical place and in that you can see through the app how your room might look like after placing virtual product. So these apps are trying to boost the buying decision by giving them an experience of their product.

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Scan QR code (or) visit URL appear in below the QRCode image. if it's image target sample, scan target image

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