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No application install required! You can run AR just using your cell phone's or tablet's browser. Custom logos can also be used to where you want your AR model to appear. The video was captured using an iphone 6S. The demo was developed using open source technology both for AR and VR. 

Because I don't have a printer, I ended up roughly drawing out my custom logo on grid paper.

This is a live virtual tour of the WayPoint Cafe concept restaurant. It uses the same VR assets to create an AR experience.

How to Use it

The AR demo runs on your phone or tablet's browser. 
You will need a second screen that displays the custom "avrs" logo (or a print out of the custom logo) and your phone (or tablet) for the AR demo.

1. Go to A VR STORY's media page on your phone: https://www.avrstory.net/media
2. Go to the A VR STORY's media website and click on the special logo with "avrs". It will take you to the google app script page (https://script.google.com/macros/s/AKfycbymZa1sBc6bvkGRd8mKgIogALwiUAxYE2PONx4d7yWlMWsVrdH5/exec).
3. Agree for when the browser prompts you to use your camera.
4. Point your phone's camera to the "avrs" custom logo that you printed out (or displayed on your desktop). The custom logo is also in catchar.
5. Wait for the browser to recognize the image... And viola, the model should appear on your phone!

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