Assemblr is a content creation platform which facilitates users to create 3D content—visualized in AR.

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Visualizing your idea can be a challenge, whether you’re presenting it to your friends or even potential clients. A lot of details get lost in the way, meanwhile papers or flat screens are getting less compelling. Augmented Reality has its promise, but it’s currently complicated. It takes more time to learn, and costs a lot that only a few could afford. 

At Assemblr, we believe there must be a better way for every- one to express ideas. We want to simplify and enhance the experience of sharing your concepts or products to the world, in 3D and AR.

Assemblr is a content creation platform that facilitates users to create 3D content that is visualized in form of Augmented Reality. With Assemblr, you can create or visualize immersive 3D contents on your smart phone or even import your own 3D model to Assemblr to be placed in real world using AR.

How to Use it

Assemblr is a free mobile application which can be accessed from any device running Android or iOS. In Assemblr, you can start building anything 3D using our ever-expand- ing collection of basic geometrical-shaped blocks and predefined 3D components. Then, you will be able to put your work in the real world and scale it using AR mode to see it in real-life setting. When it’s finished, you can showcase your work of art, explore thousands of contents by other creators, and interact with practitioners as well as poten- tial customers in Assemblr through comments and likes.

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