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Kluest is the first platform that allows you to create your own adventures in the real world and play other users’ creations.

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We live in the age of content. Millions of users all over the world feel the need to create and share original content on the Internet, as in “YouTube”.

Professional creation tools have a very hard learning curve. This is an obstacle for the vast majority of potencial creators of interactive content. Our product Kluest is in a blue ocean. It offers endless creation capabilities easy and intuitively through its visual editing system.

Anyone can take advantage of the unlimited potential of Kluest to create geo-tagged AR interactive stories without the need to acquire technical or artistic skills. Virtual characters, enemies to defeat or riddles to solve can be effortless located in the real world to create stories and adventures just for your friends or for everyone, just for fun or with educative, touristic and promotional purposes.

Kluest makes use of AR and geolocation cutting-edge technologies, together with our visual creation tools, to make a platform which is the first of its kind.

Our product combines the appeal of the genre popularised by Pokémon Go with endless options to allow users to create content very easily and without the need to acquire technical or artistic skills at all. Very soon, cities all over the world will be full of virtual gymkhanas, sightseeing tours, cultural trips, treasure hunts and RPGs created by users and institutions from any part of the planet.

Kluest also works as a complete social network, where users con interact among each other, create alliances and share their favourite adventures in and out of the app.

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