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Precise indoor and outdoor navigation using Augmented Reality

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Use your mobile device to create and see the Augmented Reality route to the destination. ARoute app works both indoor and outdoor by visually remembering the environment around you while creating the route. The app can be used for precise navigation with accuracy up to a couple of feet.

Route creation:
- Mark the start point in the app by taking a photo of a current location.
- Hold your finger on the screen and move towards your destination holding the camera in front of you so that the app can draw the route.
- Store the route with a description.
- Share the route with other users.

Route resolving and tracking:
- Select a virtual route from the list of available routes. The route can also be imported using a web link.
- Use the saved photo and find the same spot using the camera to locate the starting point.
- The app creates a virtual route which is visible through the camera.
- Follow the virtual route to the destination point holding the camera in front of you.

- Currently the routes can live only for one day. After that they expire and can't be tracked.

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