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With this application for IOS, you don't have to go to distant countries to meet wild animals, you can see them in your apartment, on the street, and even in your kitchen!

The application is designed for all ages.
What can be done with the application?

βœ“ You can place any wild animal anywhere you want. It doesn't matter if you want an elephant in the kitchen or a giant tiger in your yard;
βœ“ You can surprise your friends and acquaintances with real photos of animals in your home.
βœ“ Make a joke or tell an amazing story about your encounter with a frog on the street;
βœ“ See the animals from different sides, explore and learn by enjoying the application;
βœ“ You can not only watch but also hear the sounds of different animals to become better acquainted with them;
βœ“ You can change the size, position, and location of animals to make photos more original and examine them better;
βœ“ Feed the animals the food they actually eat. It will be more interesting to interact than just watch;
βœ“ This application is entertainment and studies at the same time, so you can read all the information about each animal within the application and get to know the favorite animals better.

See if an elephant fits in the bedroom or if a giraffe can eat the leaves of the tree in your yard.
This app has so many modes that you can travel back in time to see how the different dinosaurs lived, what they ate, and how they acted. You can find dozens of various animals here: wild, pet, and even extinct.

To use Animal Safari you need to have an IOS device: iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with ARKit.

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