Dan Zaitsev

Stripe account set up and activation Markerless AR Mobile

I will register and activate a new Stripe account for your AR products

Stripe account set up and activation


I'm here to help you and provide you the following answers about the Stripe payment gateway:

  • Which type of account will work best for your business
  • Which type of company you need to have (register)
  • Which citizenship you need to have to use Stripe PG
  • Which bank account you need to register or use
  • How to activate Stripe account
  • Basic! information about taxes

I offer several types of services

  1. Consulting. I will provide 1h consultation during the phone or zoom call with detailed steps that will help you register and active Stripe account by yourself.
  2. New company formation. I will register a new company that will be compatible with Stripe.
  3. Turn-key activation. I will prepare, register and activate the Stripe account for you. Please note that I will need full of your support, and you have to upload the documents when required. This service includes pre-registration of a limited company, pre-registration of bank account, pre-verification of your company in Stripe account settings, pre-verification you as an owner (administrator) in Stripe account settings and finally, activation your Stipe account.

Compare Packages

$50. 1h consultation via call with detailed steps that will help you register and activate Stripe.

$150. I will help you to register a new company for your Stripe account.

$350. Company formation Bank account Owner pre-verification Company pre-verification Stripe activation.


Can my Stripe account be declined?

Please note that I cannot fully guarantee the activation of your account (there may be some problems with your documents, etc.). But based on my experience, I can say that 90% of 100 accounts will be activated.

Can you connect my Stripe account to my product?

I'm not responsible for activation payments on your products (i.e., websites, mobile apps), but I will activate your entire account to start receiving payments.

Are these services refundable?

These services are not refundable.