Dan Zaitsev

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I will market and promote your Augmented Reality apps, startups and campaigns

Marketing for AR apps and startups


Thanks for stopping by. I would like to offer you a high-quality marking service for iPhone and Android Augmented Reality apps, games and startups as well. Here are a few things why you have to choose me.

  • I have 10+ years of working experience in marketing and 8+ of them in the AR domain.
  • Specialize in lean marketing and growth hacking.
  • I operate a community with more than 12,000+ users and specialists from the XR domain.
  • I have more than 30,000+ connections across my personal LinkedIn and email subscribers.
  • Previously, I scaled a few AR startups from scratch to 55,000 users in the short term.
  • I can help you at any stage of your AR startup. I will help you to collect early adopters for an upcoming product or scale your existing startup.

Services and gigs I offer

$50. 1h consulting service via zoom call to discuss your problems and offer.

$1,500. I will provide you a detailed presentation (strategy) to promote, market and scale your AR startups and products so you can run it by yourself.

$5,000. I will run a turn-key strategy for your AR startups and products with my marketing team to market and scale them worldwide.

Click the 'ORDER GIG' button, reach out to me to discuss the details.