Dan Zaitsev

Machine Learning AI gun detection system Marker-based AR Server

I will build a gun detection system for you using ML and CV for CCTV

Machine Learning AI gun detection system


Thanks for stopping by and checking my services/gigs. I would like to offer a complex realization of a gun detection system using Machine Learning and Computer Vision frameworks.

I'm a team lead and product manager who previously built complex ML/CV projects based on YOLO, Darknet, OpenCV, TensorFlow, etc.

I drive and manage a group of professional Machine Learning and Computer Vision engineers located around the globe. Currently, we have around 12 professionals aboard, but the team can be optimized or maximized based on your needs.

Previously, we delivered gun detection solutions for the U.S. shopping malls and even pivoted a project for the Faceb....k.

The system could recognize guns, revolvers, machine guns, rifles. Our team can extend the number of items that have to be identified based on your needs. Also, we can offer you to build and release fight detection system, knifes detection system, slip & fall detection system, temperature control and many more.

The system will be connected to your existing CCTV cameras to provide fast and accurate gun detection.

I offer and responsible for:

  1. Organizing ML/CV teams
  2. Managing teams using Agile
  3. Designing of requirements, technical specifications, user stories
  4. Creating high-quality datasets
  5. Training neural networks
  6. Selecting of hardware
  7. Testing detection systems
  8. Integrating gun detection system into customer involvement
  9. Training your team to manage gun detection system
  10. Supporting gun detection system
  11. Improving gun detection system

There are a few ways available in terms of how we can work together.

$100. Hourly-based consulting. I will provide you a basic consulting ML service in terms of how to build your next gun detection system. 

Part-time based. I will join your project/company as a part-time ML adviser, team lead and product manager to build the project together with you.

Turn-key realization. You sent me specs in terms of what you would like to achieve, and I tell you the cost of project realization.

Feel free to reach out to me to discuss more details and opportunities in this or other areas.