Florencia Raffa

Instagram Basic Filters Body/Facial Mobile

I will create your own custom instagram and facebook filter

Instagram Basic Filters


You need to promote your brand or product on social media? 

You want to reach more followers and get more publicity?? by owning your personal Instagram filter or just impress other brands?

Then an Instagram filter is exactly what you need.

I will create your own custom Instagram / Facebook Filter. Also, I will explain to you how to upload this to your IG or FB Account and share it on the respective platform.

For example, your filter could maintain: 

  • 3D objects
  • your Logo
  • face decoration
  • custom color filters
  • user interaction
  • tattoos
  • custom accessories (hats, glasses, horns, chains)
  • Face Animation
  • LUT´s
  • particles
  • Makeup

Do you want to see some examples I have already created? Then feel free to contact me and I´ll show you some filters I´ve done in past.