Dan Zaitsev

Development and management of AR editors and builders Markerless AR Desktop

I will help to build your new AR editor or improve an existing one

Development and management of AR editors and builders


Hey there! If you are looking for a senior product manager, team leader or CEO who will help create your new Augmented Reality editor (builder) or improve an existing one, I'm here to help. For the last 10+ years, I've been working in Augmented and Mixed Reality domains.

Previously, I prototyped, managed and scaled a builder/editor that solves the problem of creating, hosting and sharing Augmented Reality content in the cloud for non-technical users. I was driving this startup for 3+ years as a CEO and Co-founder. I did it from scratch with minimum marketing expenses, users and revenue and turned it into a venture company.

So, the AR editor and builder that I will help to build would have a well polished and user friendly user experience. Your users and customers will be able to create immersive Augmented Reality within a few clicks, both technical and non-technical.

To build your editor we can use ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia, Wikitude, WebAR frameworks or even build your custom solution using YOLO, Darknet, OpenCV, TensorFlow, etc.

What I do:

  1. Pivoting and bootstrapping new startups and products
  2. Working with founders and c-level team
  3. Hiring top AR/ML/CV specialists
  4. Registering new legal entities
  5. Forming, managing teams and workflows
  6. Prototyping UX, user/customer journeys and flows
  7. Writing requirements, technical specifications, user stories
  8. Testing usability, UX/UI
  9. Marketing and scaling your startups and products
  10. Improving existing startups and products
  11. Consulting in terms of investment strategies

and many more...

There is how we can work together:

$50. Hourly-based consulting. I will provide you a basic consulting service in terms of how to develop your next AR/MR editors, startups and products.

Part-time based. I will join your company as a part-time product manager, team leader and startup adviser to build the project together with you.

Feel free to reach out to me to discuss more details and opportunities in this or other areas.