CLDXR - Small Business plan Markerless AR Web AR

Pricing plan for small businesses. B2B SaaS platform aggregating XR technologies for SMBs, retail and digital agencies. - Small Business plan


CLDXR is an Extended Reality Cloud Asset Management & Self-Serving Publishing Platform for B2B users. It aggregates different AR/VR technologies like AR.js, Quick Look, 8th Wall for WebAR, but also ARKit/ARCore for Android & iOS applications and facilitates access via a unified web interface without additional development efforts.

Via the same web interface, users can manage their content assets, create projects and assign team members to the corresponding projects.

Automatic QR code generation, link management and extensive statistics are also integrated.

We are happy to provide our technology including consulting as an enterprise solution, or act as a solution provider for creative and digital agencies that cannot or do not want to do the IT development themselves, but still want to offer their customers innovative solutions.

Small Business pricing plan consists mainly of:

- WebAR

- iFrames

- 100 Image Targets

- 5 User Profile

- 10 Workspaces 

- 75 Projects 

- 200 Assets 

- 1GB Cloud Storage 

- Complex Statistics 

- 24H Email Support