Avi Dwivedi

AR Project Development Marker-based AR Mobile

XR Application Engineer

AR Project Development


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I would like to offer you a high-quality marking service for iPhone and Android Augmented Reality apps, games and startups as well. Here are a few reasons why you have to choose me.

  • I have 12+ years of working experience in marketing and 8+ of them in the VR/AR domain.
  • Specialize in lean marketing and growth hacking.
  • I operate a community with more than 8,000+ users and specialists from the XR domain.
  • I have more than 6,000+ connections across my personal LinkedIn and email subscribers.
  • I can help you at any stage of your AR startup. I will help you to collect early adopters for an upcoming product or scale your existing startup.
Services and gigs I offer

$500 I can help you create Instagram Facebook filter suit to your marketing strategy.

$1000 I can help you create ARCore/ARkit Image recognition and Augmentation apps Marker based.

$3000 I can provide you Markerless AR solutions, A completely interactive solutions from Design to Development, Scalable projects using Server support to reconfigure the data.

$5,000 I can help you create BODY/Face/Object Recognition solutions, Scalable projects using Server support to reconfigure the data.

Click the 'ORDER GIG' button, reach out to me to discuss the details.