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Realistic Lava Shaders Tutorial
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Realistic Lava Shaders Tutorial Tutorials

Learn how to made realistic lava shaders in Spark AR

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Learn how to made realistic lava materials using procedural animation on Spark AR patch editor, my procedural animator patch and tileables lava textures like the ones I designed for this. We also are going to use the Distortion patch and Duotone shader from Library. Using a noise texture, we are going to made a procedural distortion into main and normal map textures from a physically based material to get this realistic lava shader, with duotone we are going to change the color of the main orange lava texture. And the best part! We are going to learn how to made realistic VFX Lights on Spark AR only using Particle Emitters! You can also use this part to made your own light effects using emitters in this new way. Forget about the typical confetti and particles using the emitters, enter my visual world of light learning this technique and give Spark AR emitters a new use on your filters, also works to made 3d objects with planes and realistic flurry materials! More tutorials with this technique cooming soon.

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