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Flappy Bird Game
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Flappy Bird Game Templates

Spark AR Game Template

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Fully customizable Flappy Bird Template

Easy and powerful. You can:

- Create your own objects and obstacles, adjust spawn chances and collider sizes.
- Set maximum amount of health points
- Customize movement. Set initial speed, speed multiply interval, speed multiplier
- Set sound volumes and overall volume
- Change object spawn logic. Set min and max spawn interval and spawn position
- Create additional minigames
- Two player controllers. Submarine and Blink
- Customize native instructions in patches

Template support co-op up to 2 players!

Check actual templates status and updates: https://templates.arey.es

What's new

- Added documentation
- Improved template architecture
- Added support for Render Passes
- Added support for Dynamic Instance
- Sounds are controlled via the Patch Editor
- Added the ability to control the start and stop of the game in the Patch Editor

Updated Spark AR version to 134.1

How to Use it

Download latest version of Spark AR Studio

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