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2D Runner Platformer
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2D Runner Platformer Templates

Easy, but powerful - just replace the textures and upload, or customize everything and get a whole new game!

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- Easy but powerful - you can just replace textures and upload filter, or change almost anything and get a whole new game!
- Change settings via block inputs - no script required. Everything can be done in patches. There are Events and States that you can use to extend game logic
- Add new platforms and item types or change default ones. Set their collider size. score bonus, pick-up sound and on-collision actions
- Define collider sizes and see them visually
- Enable or disable auto-jump, make player jump from tap, blink, nod or your own custom pulse
- Ready to upload!

What's new

1. Added Custom End Event pulse input to Loading Settings block. Now you can force game to finish. For example, you can end the game when player reaches some score amount.

2. Added On Landed event, called when player lands on platform. This is useful, if you need to know if player is on the ground or in the air at the moment.

Fixed critical Instagram bug

How to Use it

Blink to jump. Collect coins to gain score. You can jump onto platforms. Do not get into spikes! You can find a tutorial inside after purchasing.

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