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Using Catchar, developers, designers and other creators can sell their Spark AR templates, patches, shaders, games, 3D models and tutorials. Same time, other creators can buy these digital assets to build and deploy AR experiences for Instagram and Facebook faster.

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Why Catchar?

We found out that some creators use Gumroad, Etsy and PayPal to sell and monetize their AR assets and templates. However, creators from the CIS, Georgia, Ukraine, Asia and some other countries are limited in payouts from these services. We solved this problem through SWIFT and SEPA direct payouts to any bank account using the payment gateway of our partners. Also, services like Gumroad and PayPal aren't designed for Augmented and Mixed Reality domains. Catchar is a global web-community and marketplace with more than thousands of users, creators and studios aboard.

Spark AR Templates

Looking for Spark AR templates or want to monetize your own? Catchar is the right place for that! Using our website, you can browse, try and buy the best Spark AR templates in a few simple clicks. Moreover, here you can find templates for Instagram and Facebook games, quizzes, masks and effects. If you are a Spark AR creator, start selling your templates with Catchar right away.

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List for sale your templates, patches, shaders, games, 3D models and tutorials. Start earning with Catchar

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Catchar presents ready-to-use patches that help you deploy interactions and animations for Instagram, Facebook and Messenger projects. Buy and use them to simplify development processes and create rich experiences for your next effects and campaigns or refine existing ones. Moreover, here you can find lots of custom JavaScript patches, so you don’t need to code your own from scratch. Using the Catchar website, you can list for sale your patches, shaders and other assets.

3D Models & Textures

Browse hundreds of 3D models, textures, characters and motion design for Spark AR studio. Sort assets by using category, rating and framework filters. Buy these assets to build outstanding AR effects and experiences for Instagram, Facebook apps. Promote and sell your Augmented Reality assets for Spark AR studio by sharing them with Catchar.

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