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Toon Effect Patch
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Toon Effect Patch Digital assets

Spark AR Patch Shader Effect Toon Cartoon Comic Style Fun Spider-Verse

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This custom patch adds toon effect to your filter. Very easy to use and customizable. Key features:
• Adjustable effect intensity and sensibility.
• Adjustable colors.
• Adjustable patterns size and form.
• Doesn't use render passes.
• Compatible with LUT's, retouch and any other effects.

In the archive:
• Package file (*.arprojpkg) with example how to setup toon patch.
• Patch file (*.arp).

How to Use it

- Add rectangle to your project. Create new flat material and assign it to rectangle.
- Drag&Drop Toon Effect v1.0 patch file into the project.
- Create Device Producer Patch. Connect Device Screen Size to Patch Screen Size.
- Extract CameraTexture. Connect it to the Camera Texture Input of the Toon Patch.
- Connect Toon Effect v1.0 patch to the diffuse texture of rectangle material.

Also in the archive you will get package file with example how to use Toon Patch.

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