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Filter Paper Mirage

Filter Paper Mirage Digital assets

Customizable Spark AR

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Qualitatively lays down;
Smoothing the skin;
No glare and red in the shadows;
A beautiful preset fits well;
Tint of pink lips and cheeks;
Doubled screen;
Crumpled paper texture;
Disabling the second screen by tap.
Текстура мятой бумаги;
Задвоенный экран;
Качественно ложится красивый пресет;
Оттенок розовых губ и щек;
Без засветов и красного в тенях;
Сглаживание кожи;
Отключение второго экрана по тапу, инструкция.

Pathes FastColorLUT by Denis Rossiev

How to Use it

The finished project is available for download and subsequent upload to your Instagram profile through the Spark Hub account. Gift icon jpg.

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