Waqas Wasi

Waqas Wasi

CEO, Developer

Experience: 1 year(s)

Skills: After Effects, Agile, Entrepreneurship, Games, Unreal Engine, JavaScript, Linux

Optimist, Outgoing, and Open to new experiences! I am in my final year of software engineering at FAST. I work in the domains of VR/AR and Game development. My passion for Public Speaking and Extrovert nature helps me build plausible PR.

From my academic period at FAST, I learned:
- Good communication skills
- Effective management skills
- Core programming skills and their application in games
- Strong work ethic and team management


- C++
-x86 assembly
-Adobe premiere pro and after effects

Major Projects:

- 3D House model in Unreal Engine 4 using C++ and Visual blueprint Scripting for smoother,detailed and memory efficient graphics.

- Animated Music Video using Pro for efficient-layered editing and After Effects for smoother compositing transitions.

Strong Interests:

- Vfx/Video editing
- Game Development
- Public speaking

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