Oscar Cartagena

Oscar Cartagena CL


Experience: 22 year(s)

Skills: AR content, Entrepreneurship, Startups, Unity, Sales, Product Management, Mobile apps

With 22 years of experience working in the digital realm, I have developed a series of skills and abilities that allow me to collaborate on different areas in any given project, idea or campaign. As a natural-born entrepreneur, I've built numerous businesses from the ground up and helped many start-ups and ideas come to fruition. I've spent most of my professional life doing interactive and multimedia developments, for my own products, brands or agencies. I'm experienced in web and interactive development, marketing, digital marketing and digital strategy, branding, graphic design (digital, print, UX, UI), video production and editing, music jingles, music production and sound design, augmented/virtual/mixed reality and gamification. My vision for any project or campaign is very broad as I know how all the departments involved function and what is needed to make it work. I'm also very creative when implementing technology, both conceptually and practically.

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