Kees Veerman

Kees Veerman

Consultant, CEO

Experience: 4 year(s)

Skills: Agile, Product Management, Unity

Kees Veerman is an AR/VR consultant, project manager and founder of Your Legacy and PoN Immersive Teaching.

Using Holographic technology and Augmented Reality, Your Legacy makes it possible to tell your story, telling it in your own way and preserving the memories you made together with your friends and family.

The story you tell can be important moments in your life, but also advice towards important moments in the lives of your loved ones.

Your Legacy keeps memories alive, for the future.

PoN Immersive Teaching trains teachers in using new Technologies like Augmented- and Virtual Reality in their daily classes, engaging students not only in the things that will soon be in all households worldwide, but also improving working together, empathy towards others, debating and presentation skills.

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