Karen Vanderborght

Karen Vanderborght

Consultant, Lens Creator

Experience: 5 year(s)

Skills: Video Production, Wireframing, Gamification, UX, Photoshop, Lens Studio, AR content, After Effects, Side projects

What I love is to unpack complex projects and create surprising, playful experiences with new technologies. This work involves brainstorming, prototyping, developing and optimizing content and workflows across platforms.

 My varied career path taught me lots of transferable skills and how to get the best out of myself.

I started out in the cultural sector as a new media artist, art-house curator and technical coordinator of multimedia festivals and electronic music concerts.
After moving to Canada, I worked in broadcast television, as a DOP, editor and director. Mainly documentary but also short fiction, corporate, B2B and commercial content.
Five years ago, I dove head first into VR and AR.

My clients are producers, agencies, governmental organizations, NGOs, other freelancers and corporate enterprises. I can talk technology, design, content and strategy. 

My main goal is to make your project stand out. No ego, just get go.

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