Julian Meyer

Julian Meyer

UI/UX Designer, Consultant

Experience: 8 year(s)

Skills: Animation, After Effects, AR content, Photoshop, Product Management, UI, UX, Wireframing, Entrepreneurship

Julian came entered the world of Augmented Reality on accident. Trying to get away from the computer screen he started screen printing as a hobby. Then reading about Aurasma (Hp Reveal) he had an interesting concept to add to one of his designs. When it worked it opened up a new world and created a unique aspect to his art. Since then he worked as a Metaio developer, until Apple bought them and all his work went dark (shame on you Apple, jk kinda). Since then he bounced around while the platform wars seem to be in full effect. Currently he is trying to crack the Vuforia/Unity platform. So any developer who can offer assistance it would be greatly appreciated.

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