Joshua Johnston

Joshua Johnston

Influencer, Developer

Experience: 2 year(s)

Skills: Copywriting, Unity, Lens Studio, Blogging, Unreal Engine, Video Production, Photoshop, Gamification

I started out life as a baby, like most of us, then I grew up. In the process of growing up, I tried various jobs and hobbies including hypnosis, writing, shipping and receiving, sanding airplane parts, counting automotive parts, & lately being a school bus driver. Along the way, I've played various video games & been caught up in the dream of virtual reality & augmented reality.

Most recently, I've taken a few Coursera courses on Android programming, gamification, VR, etc. to supplement existing programming skills. I successfully made a prototype during a game jam, & keep dabbling in AR & VR creation on my woefully-underpowered laptop. I followed a couple of Fuseman's excellent YouTube tutorials & made some demo AR/VR apps on my phone (at least one for the Gear VR), & am still working on stuff in my spare time.

I also have started a podcast along with two others on YouTube where we discuss VR & AR matters like games, news, rumors, etc.: the VR Untethered podcast.

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