Jay Van Buren

Jay Van Buren


Experience: 9 year(s)

Skills: AR content, Agile, Entrepreneurship, Geolocation based AR, Photoshop, SLAM, Wireframing

I was the founder and CEO of Early-Adopter, a company I founded as a web design agency, transformed into an Augmented Reality agency, and sold The Glimpse Group in April of 2018. As General Manager of EA, now a Glimpse subsidiary, I run both client projects and the development of new products in Education and Children's Health.

Early-Adopter's first AR product, ChronoQuest is in the market place through our distribution partner, Hamilton Buhl. It's an augmented reality timeline for education that we first debuted at AWE in 2015. It's finally going into the market and we couldn't be more excited about it.

I am also the co-founder and CEO of Membit Inc. a mobile app startup with a patented new form of augmented reality that we think is a game-changer. Membit is the only way to do very precise placement of augmented content anywhere without a marker. Check it out at www.membit.co See my 2017 presentation to AWE here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyM4TIAONZE

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