Francis Ortiz

Francis Ortiz


Experience: 20 year(s)

Skills: Beacon, AR content, Entrepreneurship, Gamification, Video Production

After many years devoted almost exclusively to my beloved Tourism and Hospitality, my need to express myself through my childhood other loves, music, plastic arts and design, grew stronger day after day, to a point where I decided to create my first Design and Creativity business back in the early nineties. After that first entrepreneurship my life has been a caroussel of fail and success, during which my knowledge of the Phisycal and Digital world has changed towards multitude of directions up to this present time, ranging from High management of Telecomunication Firms to my own Web Design, hosting and Interactive Multimedia companies. For the last 8 years I have specialised on Virtual and Augmented Reality, Location Based Services and Internet of Things, with a special focus on applying these to Tourism, where I have trained my self to understand what a Smart Destination is and how to help institutions and companies face the challenges of the current Digital Transformation.

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