Esteban Javier Struve Taguaruco

Esteban Javier Struve Taguaruco


Experience: 3 year(s)

Skills: Unity, Startups, Sales, OpenCV, Gamification, Entrepreneurship, Automation testing, Agile, AR content, UX

My professional journey has gone through understanding what happens “behind” the software and what happens “beyond” with people and technology. I have hardware engineer background with a MSc in Computer Engineering. More than 10 years of studies in hardware and software backs my work with knowledge and experience, but it also has built a mindset capable of constant update and adaptation to the ever-changing landscape of technologies.

I have been capable of building relationships with customers and colleagues and I believe to possess the skills of a good promoter. I have a broad background of projects and my some of the work in immersive technologies can be seen in my website. Now, I am working in creating interactive holographic experiences in Microsoft’s Hololens: building products that allows to transfer knowledge, visualize relevant data, several other AR Cloud features empowered by Azure Services, which can bring value to the workplace.

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