Ben Ormos

Ben Ormos

CEO, UI/UX Designer

Experience: 6 year(s)

Skills: AR content, Agile, Entrepreneurship, Startups, SLAM, UX, OpenCV, Growth Hacking

How's it going everyone, my name is Ben, I'm a founder of an app called ModMyRide that is basically your tuning filter for your own car!

I was always interested in AR and computer vision. I have done my dissertation on clothing measuring purely using OpenCV. I then created an AR SDK from scratch using SLAM and OpenCV.

Then I started hacking with ARKit when it first came out and was hooked from that moment on. I always like to challenge what's out there and make difficult things happen, so I decided to build ModMyRide.

We have built this app with one of my good friends, both of us have a deep passion for cars and was easier to build the project this way. Throughout our journey we have been fortunate enough to get to know the wheel modification industry better for pickup truck and sportscar owners.

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