Alexey Chang

Alexey Chang


Experience: 10 year(s)

Skills: Unity, Spark AR, Photoshop, Mobile apps, JavaScript, Games, After Effects, 3ds Max

First of all, I hope to live in GENUINE FRIENDSHIP with all people around the world.

As a senior software engineer who has been working with challengeable projects, I am fully specialized in Web Frontend and Three.js/WebGL. And also, I have an experience with Unity3D engine and AR/VR.

What I can do exactly:
1. React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js as Frontend skills
2. PHP, Laravel, Node.js as Backend skills
3. Three.js, Babylon.js as 3D/WebGL frameworks
4. D3.js, ChartJS, Recharts, n3-charts, Highcharts for chart creation.
5. Unity3D, Phaser.js as 2D/3D game developement skills
6. AR/VR development using Unity3D engine
- Vuforia, ARCore, ARKit, ARFoundation, Xzimg, Luxand APIs/SDKs as AR
- Oculus HMDs(Go, Quest) and Google VR development as VR
7. Facebook/Instagram filters by using Spark AR Studio
8. Android, ReactNative, Flutter as Mobile skills

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