Albert Baldwin

Albert Baldwin

CEO, 3D artist

Experience: 20 year(s)

Skills: Animation, AR content, Entrepreneurship, Gamification, Geolocation based AR, Maya, Mobile apps, SLAM, Startups, Unity

I am the Founder/CEO of Alfa Omega GrafxLLC a parent company of "AOX Spacetime" an emerging 3-d app development company that utilizes an unique real-time rendering engine pipeline along with depth sensor devices to produce engaging visual communication mediums for commercial distribution at a fraction of current cost/time mottoes.

I have over 20 years of experience in various aspects of traditional and computer animation production whether 2D or 3D, including but not limited to story-boarding, script-writing, composition, animation, particle effects, modeling, texturing,rigging and compositing, as well as a strong proficiency in lighting, color theory and cinematography, 5 years game design experience on the Unity platform, as well as extensive insights and knowledge base of the latest and bleeding edge AR/VR concepts, techniques, systems and methods.

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