Vision of the future in Augmented and Mixed Reality
Magic Leap

Vision of the future in Augmented and Mixed Reality

By Alex

In this post I would like to share some of my thoughts and observations on how different companies envision the future of user experience in Augmented and Mixed Reality.

Recently Magic Leap has shared their promo video of collaboration with Moschino

Actually I saw something similar of Augmented and Mixed Reality vision released by Hyper-Reality project previously. You can learn more on their website by watching some movies

Even some video of Blippar that I’ve found recently portrays similar vision of the future in AR with 3D entertainment content.

As such, Augmented and Mixed Reality companies and evangelists seem to have a shared vision of the future of AR and MR. It will be packed with entertainment, fun 3D objects, animations and games.

My concern about this is whether it would be useful or not. Since it’s highly likely that such user experience can become overloaded and obsessive. From my perspective, using so many colors and animations can totally destroy user journey and retention rate. Also, some other questions arise regarding usage time, that is to say how much time people will be ready to spend on such type of content and experience.

In addition, I watched some reviews on YouTube of their new Magic Leap smart glasses which are available for developers only. What strikes me is that pretty empty OS contains some entertainment apps and other cool things (like mini games).


Magic Leap would like to enter into Mixed Reality future first of all from entertainment content and experiences. It’s a good entrypoint for AR, because based on my experience I can say that entertaining AR content has much better user adoption than AR business, utilities apps, etc. Looking, proves my point.

So, if I were to name the winner in seizing the prospects of AR and MR, I would say it’s gonna be the one who can create and present high quality entertainment 3D assets and content as soon as possible. But what’s even more important is to understand how to combine and mix that entertainment 3D content with useful and important use cases and features to build a successful xR business.