Spark AR community on Catchar - Hire creators, get the best AR effects for Instagram, Facebook

Spark AR community on Catchar - Hire creators, get the best AR effects for Instagram, Facebook

By Alex

The Catchar team presents the Spark AR community on Catchar. We have done lots of work to build a niche community for creators who build Augmented Reality effects and experiences for Instagram, Facebook and Messenger apps.

What is the Spark AR studio?

Spark AR Studio is one of the best tools that allows the creating of your own Augmented Reality experiences. It fits perfectly for both beginner and professional creators, who know how to code. By using 3D objects, animations, and sounds, creators are able to build the reach of their AR effects, experiences and branded campaigns. The newest version of Spark AR Studio has a mass of different features. Creation of AR facial effects and masks are possible with the real-time face tracking feature. With object and movement tracking, creators can overlay hands and bodies with Augmented Reality content. Gestures let users manipulate the interaction with AR and digital content. World and geo effects are one of the most amazing tools that have been introduced to Spark AR by Facebook. By using it developers can augment real objects from the physical world by layering them with digital content. The target tracking feature allows the use of images from the real-world surroundings to unlock and discover AR content and experiences.

Create your AR portfolio, share your Instagram and Facebook effects - How Catchar helps to Spark AR creators and developers

By using Catchar, creators, developers and 3D artists are able to share and promote their AR effects and experiences designed for Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger. Moreover, creators can share not only AR effects that are LIVE now, and available for downloading, but also their ideas, concepts and finished projects. As a result, the sharing of AR effects with Catchar helps to get more impressions, shares, and downloads, collects early adopters and to receive early feedback. With the help of a collaboration module, creators can help each other to solve challenging tasks. In addition, this module assists creators in terms of receiving job offers and working with customers. The knowledge base of the Spark AR community on Catchar contains a number of tutorials and articles and might help support creators to get answers to their questions. The activity of creators is also one of the key factors on Catchar since the ranking system working is based on it. So, feel free to join Catchar, share your projects to create your AR portfolio and support other creators to build the world’s largest AR community together!

Get the best effects for Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger - Catchar for users and Augmented Reality fans

On Catchar and Spark AR subcommunity users are able to discover and download thousands of the best AR effects and experiences for Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger. By using the handy filters they can sort AR effects by date, rating, platforms, creators and more. In addition, users are able to rate their experiences and write reviews to support creators. To summarize, this subcommunity on Catchar helps users in terms of discovering the latest news, projects and updates about Spark AR Studio and its creators.

Find and hire professional AR creators, promote effects for Instagram and Facebook - Catchar for brands and businesses

Hunting for skilled and talented AR creators for brands and businesses might be a challenge. Catchar is the world’s largest hub that presents hundreds of professional Spark AR creators and developers who are able to build high quality branded Augmented Reality effects for Instagram, Facebook and Messenger. Since our hub has its own ranking system that works through different algorithms, customers can discover and select the top creators. In addition, businesses can browse creators’ profiles to see and analyze their previous, active and upcoming projects. Once you have selected the right creator, send a request through our collaboration feature regarding the job that you have. Add details about it and if your job request fits a creator’s skills and experience you would get a response shortly. In addition, Catchar helps businesses to promote their branded Augmented Reality effects, experiences and campaigns. By using the simple submission form businesses and companies are able to share their AR experiences. Submission of AR effects and experiences is free, however, Catchar also offers a paid promotion. This type of promotion allows you to get 100x more views, downloads and shares.