Our future with Augmented and Mixed Reality
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Our future with Augmented and Mixed Reality

By Alex


  • How AR and MR became known
  • Recent occurrences on Augmented and Mixed Reality
  • How your life will be impacted by Augmented and Mixed Reality

Individuals began to delve into Augmented and Mixed Reality space in 2016 to 2017, and a lot of start-ups and even established companies have been working hard to add Augmented Reality experiences in their business. Let’s look at some details to get an overview of what I mean. First, Looksery (a start-up company) was acquired by Snap.inc for over $150M to incorporate real-time AR face masks into Snapchat app. After this, Masquerade was acquired by Facebook and they’ve been working on AR filters and facial recognition. Furthermore, Microsoft launched their Mixed Reality device called HoloLens at almost the same time. Several companies were working on their personal Augmented Reality developers and editors in 2017 to 2018. These companies were; Spark AR by Facebook, Lens Studio by Snap Inc., ROAR, etc. The target is making the development of AR experiences possible. The user generated content (UGC) is a key player in the scaling process of Augmented Reality area. Also, a lot of digital and 3D AR content particularly is needed for WebAR. Therefore, staff developers and editors are the best fit for scaling Augmented and Mixed Reality verticals.

The year 2018, was a great year for the development of Augmented and Mixed Reality industry. Special recognition is given to Google and Apple that launched their personal AR technologies, i.e. Google ARCore and Apple ARKit respectively. The first launch of Magic leap after the long wait was one other significant phase in aiding the improvement of the AR and MR industry in 2018.

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So, what next?

Augmented and Mixed Reality will generate a digital cover within the physical environment after a while by impacting a lot of practical, entertaining and educational content. Our customer and user experiences will be revolutionized as to the ways we study, work, shop and get information. Also, it will completely change the way we explore our immediate environment. There’ll be no need of checking for recipes and reviews before getting a product you need at a store, you will have the ability to get a hold of these things at once straight from the package via AR experiences.

In spite of the listed development of AR and MR, several issues are still yet to be taken care of. The content quality and amount of possessions for AR experiences requires improvement. Time is required for mobile devices to open apps, start-up AR scanner and offer AR content experiences to its users. Mixed Reality glasses and headsets are actually quite big, so they aren’t very convenient when worn outside.

The cons of Augmented and Mixed reality is the inability to control promotions, advertisements as well as spam that might arise soon. This can actually destroy the joy and practical value of the user experience, and can also damage these technology’s applicability. Innovators must balance the use of ads, entertainment and other contents in AR and MR experiences to avoid this.

Putting these issues in check assures us that this technology will actually last. Finally, we stand to gain a lot from these technologies in our daily activities.