Lens Studio community on Catchar - Find and promote Snapchat lenses, hire AR creators

Lens Studio community on Catchar - Find and promote Snapchat lenses, hire AR creators

By Alex

We are glad to inform you that Catchar 2.0 has a separate sub-community for Lens Studio creators. This sub-community concept allows you to find and discover the best Snapchat’s Augmented Reality lenses and their creators. In addition, here you can find the latest updates, news and tutorials.

New opportunities for users

We have added even more features to deliver the best experience for our users. The community news feed provides the ability to track the latest updates. In the new version of Catchar, our users are able to sort lenses by date, rating, categories and creators. What's even more fun is that users can scan Snapcodes directly from their screens to unlock and discover AR lenses. Also, users can vote for the project that they like and leave the reviews. To summarize, 2.0 version contains hundreds of AR lenses and experiences that were made by professional Lens Studio creators.

What changed for Lens Studio creators in 2.0?

After the update, all developers, 3D designers and other creators have the ability to create their profiles. They can add a biography, links to their social media and fill in the information about their skills and years of experience. Also, in the 2.0 version, we provided the ability to register and create profiles for AR studios and companies. All profiles are searchable across the web and through the Catchar website. So, don’t miss your chance to create your XR portfolio today!

For businesses and brands

If you are looking for professional Augmented Reality lens creators, Catchar 2.0 opens up lots of new opportunities. Our database contains thousands of the best and professional lens creators. Check skills, years of experience and roles with our new search feature to find the required creators. Once you find the creator, you can contact him and hire him through our communication module and direct messages.

Sharing and contributing AR lenses for Snapchat

In 2.0 version companies and solo creators are able to submit their own Augmented Reality lenses to create their XR portfolios. Properly filled portfolios of creators are helping to get more views and as a result, generate more leads and connections. Meanwhile, AR users can contribute their favorite Snapchat lenses to scale our community.

Communication module

We have also added the ability to send direct messages to XR creators and companies. As a result, businesses and brands can reach out regarding opportunities for the creation of branded lenses and experiences. Also, creators can use this module to share status and knowledge with each other.

Promotion of AR lenses for Snapchat

One of the main missions of Catchar is to continue helping creators in terms of promoting their AR lenses and filters. We integrated numbers of algorithms to properly release the ranking system for XR lenses and projects. In addition, the 2.0 version has many changes regarding SEO improvements.

Join us today to be a part of one of the largest communities for Lens Studio creators.