How to promote Augmented Reality lenses, apps and campaigns

How to promote Augmented Reality lenses, apps and campaigns

By Alex
Promotion of Augmented and Mixed Reality apps, lenses and projects can be a big challenge, especially if we are talking about sponsored AR lenses or marker based campaigns. In this post we have decided to share where and how our project can help you. In addition, we will point at some common practice and tips that might be very handy.

Developers and creators can easily use our website to submit and promote AR and MR projects, apps or lenses. Submission of projects is free and available through the link.

We have designed Catchar in order to help brands, businesses and developers to promote sponsored AR lenses and time-sensitive Augmented Reality marker based campaigns (food & drink labels, magazines, brochures, etc.). You can even use Catchar aiming to promote and advertise AR projects that work through third party apps, such as Snapchat, Facebook, Blippar, Zappar, etc.

Our hub can help you to grow your AR products and projects in both ways, naturally and through accelerated promo. If you are looking for the fastest way of promotion, we could offer paid promotion via our contact list and network. We have lots of different options and bundled services, such as: banner advertising, newsletters, pin your project to the home page or place it to the featured section. You can discover the complete list of paid features on this page.

Catchar presents and allows to submit any projects related to AR editors and builders, Snapchat and Facebook lenses, native mobile apps, AR scanners and many more. In addition, you can find and submit projects and products that work based on ARKit & ARCore, Magic Leap, HoloLens, Vuforia, WikiTude, OpenCV, facial recognitions and other stacks.

In addition, we accept guest blogging (posts) and this is definitely a good opportunity to get more visibility, traffic and improve SEO for your project. Feel free to use this form to arrange a guest post.

And last but not least, Catchar allows you to submit and promote AR apps and projects even in ‘coming soon’ and ‘beta’ phases. As a result, you are able to get your first users even before the actual launch.

So, feel free to take a look at our project and submit your AR apps, lenses and campaigns.

Below we have also outlined some free tips including where and how you can promote your future Augmented Reality apps and projects.

First of all, we think the main problem of Augmented Reality apps and projects is adoption. So, make sure that you have already got some feedback, and your idea as well as concept work well. Ideally, you should already have some potential beta users who are informed on how to use your app or project.

SMM (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Don’t forget that you can promote your products and projects through social media networks. Just create a decent page by adding description, some images and start adding/inviting friends. Once you get lots of followers you can start promoting your Augmented Reality project. Please note that this process can take quite a while and you have to share some relevant information and keep in touch with your followers on a daily basis.

Direct sales is one of the best ways to attract and get first customers or users. However, it takes lots of time and manual work. Although it takes lots of time and manual work, the result can be quite rewarding since you are making targeting acquisition.

Betalist is one of the most popular sources where you can promote your startup to get early and beta users. But if you choose a free submission, you will have to wait in a long queue for more than a month. Alternatively, you have to pay around $140 and that will help you expedite review. Normally, you will get around 500 – 1000 clicks, visits to your website or downloads of your app.

Surely I believe you have heard of Product Hunt. This is definitely a good place to promote your AR apps and after launch to get some new users, registrations and feedback. You can even get some public exposure and visibility across journalists, and chances are they can write about your product or startup. Nowadays, to reach TOP 10 of PH can be overly complicated. So, make sure that your product is at an adequate quality level and you have some support of other communities, makers or developers.

Paid ads. Our team isn’t a big fan of paid ads such as Adwords and Facebook Ads since it can be rather expensive. However, if your budget permits, you can use this method too or better mix it with other tips described above.

Unfortunately, all these methods might not prove to be effective and, as such, worthy of consideration, if you are working on launching target image based AR experiences or sponsored lenses (filters). The major problem in using these methods is that you need to have your own mobile apps or website. But since marker based AR campaigns and lenses in most cases work through third party apps, we don’t think it’s a good idea to promote them at your own expense. Instead, we would rather recommend you to try our project and submit your AR campaign or lens.

Thanks for checking my post, I would appreciate if you spread the word about it and share Catchar with your friends. Looking forward to seeing you on Catchar.