How Augmented Reality can improve your sales and business
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How Augmented Reality can improve your sales and business

By Alex

Have you ever heard that Augmented Reality can totally change the way we do business and help us improve our life in many aspects? Nowadays we are constantly bombarded with news that Augmented Reality is becoming increasingly popular. Augmented and Mixed Reality are being integrated into different niches and types of businesses, such as e-commerce, manufacturing, retail and more. Many companies seek to add these technologies into their apps and projects.

Below, we have prepared some use cases and the best examples but if you canโ€™t wait to dive into best Augmented and Mixed Reality apps and examples, I suggest you may simply go to through our website. Catchar is the worldโ€™s largest Augmented and Mixed Reality community and hub where users, developers and businesses can share, promote and discover AR apps, masks and projects. In addition, Catchar provides ability to collaborate between businesses and developers to release their own custom AR projects and sponsored lenses. Here you can find lots of different AR projects related to Magic Leap, HoloLens, Lens Studio by Snap Inc., Spark AR, Vuforia, ARKit and ARCore.

Visualization of your products

Using digital assets such as 3D content, animation, images and videos Augmented Reality enables visualization of your products. Now that there is AR, customers can have verging on reality first-hand experiences of your products without having to move in the least bit and actually see them within the desirable environment, be it a dining room, a ring finger or a garage. How cool is that? Below you can see one of the examples of Tesla electric car that is fully displayed in Augmented Reality experience.

In this case, customers are saved the trouble of searching, heading to the retail store or contacting the sellers. By using the app, they can totally customize their future car, see additional options and final price directly in Augmented Reality experience. Sure enough, the automotive industry isnโ€™t the only example and you can use AR in any niche ranging from furniture to architecture.


Additionally, Augmented Reality can help you to boost your online sales. By integrating e-commerce features and allowing users to buy your products directly in AR experience, you can drive lots of new potential online orders and sales.

For example, Warby Parkerโ€˜s app allows trying on glasses using your iPhone and Augmented Reality. Once you have found and selected the perfect match, you can check out and immediately order your pair through Apple Pay.

Brand engagement

Many brands have started to use Augmented Reality experiences to ensure better interaction with their customers. There is a myriad of awesome examples from funny Augmented Reality masks to quizzes and mini-games. One case in point is the collaboration of Taco Bell and Snapchat that launched Sponsored AR mask where on average, Snapchatters spend 24 seconds with the mask, generating nearly 12.5 yearsโ€™ worth of play in a single day. As a result, Taco Bell Sposoped AR lens garnering 224 million views and gained huge visibility and PR to their brand.


So, to recap: Augmented and Mixed Reality can be of invaluable help when it comes to growing your brand engagement, improving online sales and providing more convenient ways of discovering your products for the end-customers. If you are wondering how to start leveraging this technology, there are many ways that are available right now, from creation of your own custom Augmented Reality apps to white label solutions based on existing third-party apps. If you are looking for the Proof of Concepts (PoC) you should take a look at AR builders and editors. For example, by using ROAR, Lens Studio by Snap Inc. and SparkAR you are able to create your own Augmented Reality experiences, campaign and lenses in a few clicks.