GUCCI jumps into Augmented Reality so users can “try on” its sneakers

GUCCI just integrated virtually “try on” into its own iOS app. This was done through integration of AR module that was developed by startup named Wannaby. So now users of GUCCI app will be able to discover and buy its signature Ace sneakers through AR experiences. Wannaby says this is the first its commercial partnership.

Gucci Augmented Reality on Catchar

At the end of 2018 Wannaby has shipped their AR app named Wanna Kicks. This app allows to discover and “try on” different sneakers through AR. Same year Wannaby has raised $2M from Bulba Ventures and Haxus. Guys are also working on other AR projects such as Wanna Jewelery and Wanna Nails.

You can download and try GUCCI AR Sneakers app trough the link.

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