AR interview with Tyleciea Zachry

AR interview with Tyleciea Zachry

By Alex

Hey Catchar community!

Today, we would like to introduce one of our most active creators - Tyleciea Zachry, who almost initially joined our platform. We plan to talk about the Augmented Reality domain and Snapchat lenses, and we hope Tyleeseeuh will share some advice in terms of lens development.

Alex: Could you share with us how and when you have jumped into the Augmented Reality domain?

Tyleeseeuh: I got into AR because of my self portrait art me me me. I was looking for alternatives to geofilters and new ways to take it to the next level. When I learned about Lens Studio, I wondered if I could turn my face into an AR experience. I had already done this with geofilters but lenses made my likeness wearable. me me me was originally an experiment in repurposing snapchat for art. The addition of lenses went beyond experimentation so I could explore autonomy and social media. 

Alex: Are you a solo creator or your work in a team?

Tyleeseeuh: I worked on a few collaborations but I’m a solo creator.

Alex: I see that you have a lot of Snapchat Lenses. Do you also create AR effects for Instagram?

Tyleeseeuh: I’ve dabbled with SparkAR so I have a few IG and Facebook filters. They’re nothing to brag about.

Alex: Where and how are you searching for inspiration?

Tyleeseeuh: Nostalgia, trends, curiosity, colors/textures. Sometimes I become inspired after learning a new technique. When I find inspiration, I think β€œhow would this look as a lens? How can I turn this into a lens?”

Alex: What is your most popular AR lens or experience, and how this reflected your profile?

Tyleeseeuh: My most popular lens is β€œCrush Glasses”, over 200 million views. That was the first time I used the image picker asset. Since then I've used the image picker for more glasses and color effects.

Alex: Is now the right time to start creating AR lenses for Snapchat and Instagram or a little bit late?

Tyleeseeuh: It's never too late to start creating augmented reality. I think now is the best time because there are so many tutorials and templates available compared to when I started. Also with a pandemic going on AR can help artists create and share their work virtually. 

Alex: Is there a big competition among lens creators? 

Tyleeseeuh: If there is I wouldn’t know. I used to be paranoid about competing but I calmed down when I realized how ridiculous it was for me to try to compete with millions of strangers. Now I focus on my strengths and what I like.

Alex: What advice can you provide for junior AR creators that just started or plan to begin developing lenses?

Tyleeseeuh: Focus on what you like and what inspires you. This is your opportunity to create the AR experience you've always wanted. More importantly, keep calm and use CTRL+Z.

Alex: What are your further plans in terms of tech and Augmented Reality domains?

Tyleeseeuh: I want to try different software to create AR. Right now I’m selling a few of my lenses on Magik Market

Thank you so much for your time! We wish you success and good luck with any of your new and old ideas. See you next time on Catchar.